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We believe in creating uniforms that instill a sense of comfort, identity and style. Our exquisite collection of superior quality fabrics, sustainable accessories and bespoke tailoring services drive our success. With an experience of over six decades our expertise lies in ethical uniform manufacturing and design with an emphasis on sustainable fabrics, trims, accessories and packaging. After successfully servicing our clients’ needs in the GCC, we are now expanding to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to working with blue chip clients in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and across KSA.

Who We Are ?

Our in-house team of highly-skilled craftsmen and designers, –implement years of accumulated knowledge of fabrics, sewing techniques, and stylish garment-making to deliver the best bespoke garments to our customers at competitive prices. Globe Uniforms’ superior product quality and impeccable service speak for themselves.Our customizable range of uniforms include a large variety of products to cater to every requirement of your company’s uniform. We are the leading suppliers in the African and European Markets in the field of uniform outfitters. We are now expanding our business presence to cater to the uniform requirements across Riyadh, Jeddah and other cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Ideology

A garment’s design can be immensely creative but will only become wearable and functional if constructed from high quality fabric. This is why we pay close emphasis in the process of selecting the right fabric for our uniforms. In addition to quality we ensure that our customers have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from to suit their different requirements and styles at the best competitive prices.We offer expertise in the procurement of woven and knitted garments, sustainable fabrics & accessories, safety products and all related requirements of uniforms as well as sustainable & bio degradable packaging alternatives etc.

All our fabrics are then certified by an international and respected body that is able to guarantee their quality.The in-house expert design team will help you curate the best uniforms for your company and personalize these uniforms with your logo and brand name. You can select from our extensive range of uniform products from face masks, t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts to corporate wear as well as accessories and many more.

What Makes Us Unique

A uniform is a piece of cloth that gets adorned by various style elements and design factors, but eventually it all depends on how one feels within the uniform. Along with the various designs, textures, the quality of the fabrics is what we make sure that is of prime and superior grade. Our wide array of fabrics are a compilation of eco-friendly fabrics that are 100% cotton, Bamboo Fabric, Hemp fabric, Recycled Yarn Fabric and many more that are all OEKO-TEX certified.

All the fabrics that we procure are from an international and well respected body that stays true within their quality.

Our Practices

At Globe Uniforms, sustainability is a way of doing business rather than just a concept. We strongly believe in integrating social & environmental factors with the way we do business thus maximizing the benefits to the industry and society at large & also safeguarding the environment. Our company’s ESS (Environment & Social Sustainability) activities & responsible practices such as sustainable sourcing & ethical labor employment along with our dedicated team have all propelled us to be a dependable supplier for all your uniform needs.



One of our primary objectives of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses, both large and small, have a large carbon footprint. Any steps we can take to reduce these footprints are considered both good for the company and society as a whole.

At Globe we ensure that we practice the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle and take this very seriously. We also use filtered drinking water for all our employees and avoid the use of plastic bottles and cups. We use LED lighting in all our offices, stores and warehousing. We minimise the use of plastic and paper for our packing amongst other eco practices.



We also practice social responsibility by donating to local and international charity organisations. Whether it involves giving money or time, we believe strongly in giving back to the society.

Globe Uniforms strongly believes that every student should have access to school uniforms. We work in collaboration with numerous schools in the subcontinent to donate fresh uniforms for underprivileged students. Our environmental commitment programs & charitable partnerships have given us, as well as the institutions we partner with the opportunity to move towards a common agenda & foster enduring relations.



By treating our employees fairly and ethically, we like to further demonstrate our corporate social responsibility. This is especially true since we operate in international locations with different labour laws than those in the United Arab Emirates.

We also do our best to source our fabrics and materials from fair trade companies.



From the year 2020, we have introduced sustainable packaging and sustainable fabric for all our products. We Strive to deliver the best grade products and carefully source our packaging materials from companies that produce biodegradable and environment friendly alternatives.

Globe Uniforms, we take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. From the year 2020, we have introduced sustainable packaging for all our products. We carefully source our packaging materials from companies that produce biodegradable and environment friendly alternatives. All our packaging materials have certifications from relevant and globally recognized institutions.
High quality fabrics made with natural and non toxic materials are used to design our uniforms. We strive to deliver only the best grade products. Our range of uniforms include anti static, hypoallergen and durable materials processed with natural dyes and water conservation techniques. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce our water footprint in production of all our uniforms and have been taking the appropriate steps towards the same with each passing year.

Our Sectors

Globe Uniforms is a leading supplier of uniforms across industries including Aviation, Hospitality, Education, Industrial, Corporate and Healthcare. Operating
across the GCC and the MENA region, we utilize our extensive knowledge of uniform-making in helping businesses dress their employees and strengthen their brands.

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